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  • Q Q: In addition to Internet registration number outside there are other ways you registered?

    A A:  If you can not use the network registration, you can use communication Registration: Please fill in the required information on the product warranty, cover
    Dealers chapter (Required),will ensure that copies of the book by fax :02 -22,681,772 or mailed to the "New Taipei City Earth City Yongping Street,
    the 10th commanding Industry Co., Ltd. Customer Service Department, "then, customer service staff will receive your certificate after confirmation with your phone help you complete the insurance registration! (Please note that if you use a fax or mail, insurance dates shi workers installing the date.)
  • Q Q: Security management is not in accordance with the color adjuster Insurance will be affected?

    A A:  Regulators are consumable nature, commanding the Special Programme color security management which is intended to alert you with professional installation technician to adjust the year, there is no mandatory replacement regulator does not affect the meaning of the insurance interests please rest assured.
  • Q Q: When using the regulator will hiss! Which is leaking do?

    A A:  Adjust using due process of adjusting the pressure gas tank, will release excess pressure oil vent hissing so this is normal please be assured (if abnormal sound or accompanied by a strong smell of gas leak, please make foam tests, such as the problem persists please contact your technical staff with disabilities).
  • Q Q: After replacing the regulator did not push through device discovery gauge twisted itself actuator?

    A A:   Gas pipeline length and barrel temperatures and gas pressure is too low and the selection of supplies accessories and other factors, the regulator cut-off function design principle allows for the instantaneous pressure actuated ball to the above conditions may affect ventilatory function twist and pressure gauge, this is not a fault, please adjust your peace of mind.

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Liou-Tai of a wide range of industrial duct components, gas pipes, water heater, gas stove, range hood, forced exhaust pipe spare parts, and all walks of life have been closely linked together, but also the first company to adopt the MOEA BSMI inspection of CNS9620 special rubber gas fuel gas pipe, CNS inspection broad areas such as gas regulator.

Liou-Tai tubes and gas regulator gas products through national commodity inspection standards for goods safety marks and Taiwan Association of Insurance certified gas mark, and in the interests of consumers as a priority first nationwide accident insurance one hundred million yuan product liability insurance, as long as the package label attached to the insurance products and affixed during installation can enjoy Internet Sign accident liability insurance protection products.
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